Curious Cows Shocked to Learn Rock Is a Turtle

Just like humans get used to their homes, cows probably get comfortable in their pastures. All creatures are used to certain things being in their places, and when something is out of place or is a new addition, it can throw us off-track. Cows, it turns out, react much the same way when something arrives in their meadow that doesn't belong there.

Such was the case with these cows. They greet the arrival of a new rock-looking thing in their meadow with understandable suspicion. This "rock" probably does not smell like a rock and mostly likely moved a little bit when it was sniffed. Not only does this thing — whatever it is — not belong, but they don't know what it is.

Enter a young calf, bold enough to step forward for a prolonged investigation into this new object. While the rest of the herd cowers, this brave soul clomps up and takes a good long sniff and prod ... only to be rewarded with a surprise wack to the nose from the now-revealed turtle. Seeing their hero fall — or, rather, jump really high in the air — the cows all make for the other end of the pasture to give this mysterious creature all the space it wants.