Zem Joaquin Gets Gold for Making Fashion Eco-Friendly

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Zem Joaquin enjoying her moment at Global Green Awards; Photo credit: Alyssa Nicol

The Global Green Awards held at the end of May highlighted some amazingly talented people who are moving green mainstream. Among those honored was Zem Joaquin, founder of Ecofabulous, which is a TreeHugger favorite for eco-friendly fashion. Zem was given the Founders Award for her great work in helping Global Green go. She's been talked about as someone with magical powers to make even the most unlikely people want to go green. We caught up with her to find out about her knack for green, as well as the difficulties of combining fashion and eco-consciousness. TH: You were honored with at Founders Award. What does that mean? And what does it mean to you to receive it?

ZJ: I received the Founders Award for the creation of my website Ecofabulous and its ability to educate people about sustainable design as well as for creating the Global Green San Francisco Gorgeous and Green gala (in collaboration with Nadine Weil). Receiving it is a great honor since so many of the previous recipients are heroes of mine.

TH: In order to receive the award, you need to walk the talk. And you clearly do. What keeps you motivated to stay green every day?

My children motivate me to elevate my consciousness every day. I want to set an example for them...but I find it very exciting to research and share products and ideas with others, keeping in mind that buying less is really the easiest path to greenness!

TH: Ecofabulous helps align green and trendy. In your experience, where does this work, and where does this clash? What green trends would you want to see become even more mainstream?

ZJ: I don't think we are trendy, really. Our goal is share beautifully executed products and that is always in style. I would like to see more creative merchandise that incorporates garbage to gold. My dream is for everyone to be a Cradle to Cradle thinker and to really understand where the things they buy come from and where they will end up! That is a very mainstream concept that would change our collective consciousness.

TH: Why is Global Green important to you? What makes you want to be part of it?

Global Green's work makes big, thought-shifting projects possible. Most exciting to me is the work that we are doing to create healthier schools, which are proven to improve grades and attendance. Of course, our involvement in low-income housing projects and our commitment to public education are some of the most impactful ways that we share our sustainable building knowledge. Personally, I have learned so much from my involvement and look forward to improving more lives together!

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