Zee Babies Will Love Them

Baby clothes have branched out from pink for girls and blue for boys--these baby grows ( called onezees) come in 24 vivid and glorious colours. This is a nice success story of a small Canadian company, Zee Spot, started up by two friends who had young children and found a niche in the market. Discovering that there was very little in the way of organic cotton one-piece baby grows for their daughters, they decided to jump in and try to do something fun, well-designed and environmental plus give something back to the community. Social entrepreneurs in a broad sense of the word. It took them well over a year to find an ethical sweatshop free manufacturer in Chennai, India.

All the Zee Spot onezees are dyed using low-impact, azo-free dyes and the colours range from happy sun, yummy berry to green apple. They use these vibrant colours because of their belief that "every baby looks better in lively color, than potato-sack oatmeal". The cotton is all certified organic. They have a strong social and community ethos and support 1% for the Planet (supporting Indian ecologist and activist Vandana Shiva and her organization Navdanya), 1% for Child Honoring (co-founded by Zee Spot with award-winning children’s songwriter Raffi Cavoukian), Sustainable Websites (a 100% carbon neutral web hosting company) and Planetair (a Montreal-based vendor of high-quality carbon offsets). Sounds good for the planet and good for the kids. :: Zee Spot