Zaproot Easter Special & Alternative Autos (Video)

From the sublime (enviro quotations from theologians) to the mundane (eco Easter-egg-dyes) to the insidious (untested chemicals released to market) ZapRoot's Easter special has all that plus alternative automobiles you can out your faith into.This is nice from Sustainablog: Theologian Herman-Emiel Mertens writes,

Those who do not understand the link between the Easter message and ecological problems, do not understand anything of either. Environmentalism in itself is of course no utterance of Easter faith. Many non-Christians are concerned about this. That is only right and proper. A monopolizing of these earthly cares by Christians is out of the question. There is environmentalism without Easter faith, but no Easter faith without environmentalism.

The ZapRoot show notes have all sorts of Easter goodies such as eco resources for dying eggs, getting your e-basket on and fulfillment of the chocolate bunny requirement.

Test drive of the Prototype of the Aptera 2e EV Three-Wheeler with video here as well as open source cars like those from EDAG and BMW here, and also here. Also included, GoblinAero Velomobile, a camel-powered ambulance, and finally the Rinspeed iChange Car.

via EcoWonk

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