You've Travelled the World. Now Change It.


"You've travelled the world. Now change it." says We Are What We Do, the global social movement. They have been changing the world (for a Fiver and 9 to 5) for three years now and thought it was high time to raise their sights about 35,000 feet! We Are What We Do has launched their new campaign to tackle Action 95: Earn Fewer Air Miles, and are proud to announce their on-board, in-flight 'Change the World at 35,000 Feet' booklet with Virgin Atlantic. The book aims to inspire passengers to make small changes and lists simple holiday actions to reduce their carbon footprint; from travelling smarter and packing leaner to addressing the steward with a friendly demeanor. WAWWD believes in "small changes that, times lots of people, add up to a big change". But they also admit that reducing air miles is a tough one:

Cheap air travel is, let's face it, a nice thing.
So, asking you to cut back on it sounds like the killjoy equivalent to someone saying 'cut back on music' or 'cut back on sex'.
But, just for a minute, look at the facts - air travel is the fastest growing contributor to climate change, spewing nearly ten times more CO2 into the sky than an equivalent train journey.
Or 100% more CO2 than not travelling at all and opting for a video conference call once in a while.
Come on - video conferencing isn't that bad.

Starting this month, you can find Change the World at 35,000 Feet in every Virgin seat-back on flights from the UK. And yes, the publication itself is eco-friendly: 100% re-cycled, chlorine free, recyclable or biodegradable. The book will also be offset through their Gold Standard carbon offset scheme.

For ideas on how to get started at 35,000 feet, visit Action 95, where you can also download some reminders as wallpaper for your desktop. After all 1620 people have already completed this action. ::We Are What We Do

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