You've Helped Better World Books Raise $10 Million For Literacy By Not Trashing Your Tomes

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photo: Better World Books

I'm a confirmed bibliophile and happily admit that digital books and e-readers have zero appeal to me--in large part because I already spend too much time online due to my profession and the idea of reading with yet another digital doohickey seems decidedly awful. Which is why I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I had not heard of Better World Books and the fact that they've just passed the $10 million mark in raising money for literacy campaigns by taking donated books and reselling them online. In touting that impressive milestone, Better World Books points out a rather shocking EPA stat on the amount of books that get discarded every year in the United States: Two billion pounds (with a 'b'), roughly.

Better World co-founded Xavier Helgelsen pats the company on its back:

Reaching the $10 million fundraising mark and launching this powerful new Book for Book matching initiative is exciting for our entire company...[and] it means even more for the social entrepreneurship landscape as a whole. We've shown just how successful a company can be when it leverages environmental and social impact.

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