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Sacramento doesn't get much attention, other than the Governator, and they definitely don't get much green love. In fact, finding green resources can be a bit of a challenge in the city. But not to worry, Enviro Bro, The Hardest Working Man in the Environment, is on the scene now and is working to both talk about the issues and offer advice on all things green. Cue the Marvin Gaye "Mercy, Mercy Me." Every Thursday morning at 10am PST, listeners can tune in on the radio or stream the show live for an interesting discussion on the latest green topics. Today's show was about Green Empowerment and focused on a variety of categories, some of which are fairly complex. Robinson doesn't bat an eye and doesn't assume that his listeners are dummies. Instead, he asks guests to break down topics such as, cap & trade, carbon tax and working directly with their local government, for the "woman driving down the road with kids in her car."

During his day job, host Leonard Robinson is actually the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, but has years in the environmental community both in Southern California and Sacramento. His current job, and all of the related traveling, actually helps to secure a variety of guests for the show.

The show is easy to listen to and Robinson is a friendly, engaging host. While talking with today's guest, he remarked, "everyone has something to give. heck, even a broken watch is right twice a day." You can even get involved by calling into the live show. Some of the callers make good points, others just make for good entertainment. Robinson actually encourages people to call in, whether their issue deals with the day's topic or not, to ask about greening their business, or whatever green question is on their mind. If you miss a show, you can find all of the show archives on his website, as well as upcoming events, a blog and a photo gallery - hey is that Arnold?

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KDEE FM is a non-profit radio station that is owned and operated by the California Black Chamber of Commerce, with the mission "to educate and empower community members through radio programs." The station broadcasts to the greater Sacramento area and also streams online. : KDEE FM 97.7 Sacramento :EnviroBro
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