Your Wall Becomes Storage With Pocket Wall

pocketwall storage system photo

PSFK shows us Pocket Wall, a storage system from Polish Designer Maja Ganszyniec. She describes it:

Look at the house as if it were a package: the room is like a package and the wallpaper is like wrapping paper. The project turns the purely decorative layer of wallpaper into storage.

But it reminds me of Graham Hill and Petz Scholtus' Stuffbump, TreeHugger's one attempt at product design.

stuffbump storage system photo

It also was designed around the idea of storage that was flat until you put something into it. It was made out of 100% recycled materials and assembled is a workshop where prison inmates were retrained in productive work.

stuffbump storage system photo problem

It was very clever; Leonora described it as "a fantastic and fun storage system which, using a clever die cut pattern, allows a flat piece of material to be opened up and stuffed with small belongings, thus becoming a bump."

stuffbump storage system photo solution

Alas, it never found its market; we wish Maja better luck. More on the Stuffbump here.

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