YouGoods Eco-Invention Contest Draws to a Close: Cast Your Vote for the Winner Today!

grocery-minder photo

Earlier this month, we told you about UncommonGoods' open design contest, looking for the next great eco-friendly invention. This week, the judges of the YouGoods contest, including TreeHugger founder Graham Hill, chose three finalists, based on the criteria that they be "unique, economical, and eco-friendly."

Still in the running are: a reusable grocery bag with a built-in dry-erase shopping list, a double-wall tea cup to keep you from burning your hands, and "regreet," an inventive way to re-use old greeting cards. Voting to decide the contest's winner ends at midnight tonight, so be sure to check out the finalists and vote! You can vote for all three ideas, so if you can't decide, why not support them all?

The winning eco-inventor will receive a cash prize of $1,500 and chance to showcase their design at Makerfaire NYC in September.

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