You Said It: Readers Comment on Live Keychains and Executive Elephant Hunts

Once again, we have scoured Facebook to find the posts that were really resonating with you. Recently, grizzly tales of animal mistreatment had people talking.In China, street vendors are selling an increasingly popular—and completely disturbing—trinket: Sealed plastic pouches that contain live turtles in a small bit of water. Marketed as conversation pieces and good luck charms, the morbid tchotchkes put a dark spin on "cute overload."

Meanwhile, Bob Parsons, the CEO of webhosting company GoDaddy, has released a video in which he shoots down an elephant in Zimbabwe. It's part of his annual safari and he says shooting these "problem elephants" is one of the most rewarding things he has ever done. Many readers thought that Parsons doesn't come off looking like the hero he thinks he is.

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