You Can 'Love the Earth' Before Earth Day and Reduce Carbon by 40 Million Pounds

Car Tailpipe Image
Photo credit:Jensbn/Wikimedia Commons
TerraPass, a carbon offset management service, launched it's "Love the Earth" challenge and wants to reduce carbon dioxide 40 million pounds by Earth Day with your help!
On Valentine's Day of this year, TerraPass launched the Earth Day challenge called "Love the Earth" in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. But from now through Earth Day, TerraPass will give an additional bonus 1,000 pounds to all carbon offset purchases.

Why the goal of offsetting 40 million pounds of CO2? Because that would be like taking 20,000 cars off the road, TerraPass says. And if you are a driver, the average car emits 10,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

It's 16 days until Earth Day, so be sure to check out the Earth Day Challenge to offset some of your carbon emissions and see where your donations are going.

Take action and virtually take your car off of the road, by clicking here!