You Can Buy a Cremation Online, Urn Included

Online shopping never dies. Smart Cremation is being called the first company ever to sell online cremation plans. This brings a new meaning to "checking out."

This Internet thing is truly cradle to grave. You can get something for your loved one now (once it arrives in the mail), and something for your loved one later, to be used after they expire. You could even buy yourself one of these. Imagine putting this on your wish list, right below the latest Star Wars boxed set (with lots of bloopers and deleted scenes).

Earlier this month, Smart Cremation began offering online plans for $1,588 and $1,189 via Amazon "just in time for the holidays" at "significant savings" until Dec. 31, according to a news release. The packages were pulled from the Amazon site soon after, without explanation.

The packages are still for sale via the Smart Cremation site, minus the discounts.The company is listed with the Better Business Bureau, in case you're concerned about follow-through. You can only buy packages now for people in Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona.

Is this morbid, or just smart, easy planning?

It is a heck of a thing to leave your loved ones with the cost of a funeral after you're gone. And this way, you can go a little greener, being cremated rather than undergoing a traditional burial where you're embalmed, put into a coffin, and then into a cement vault. Cheery, I know. Cremation also is cheaper than a traditional burial.

How much? The current $1,788 Smart Plan includes transporting the body from anywhere in the world to a crematory facility, cremation, a wooden urn and an online obituary. You can choose to have the urn given to your family or have your ashes scattered at sea. A tree will even be planted in your name.

The less-expensive Limited Plan for $1,359 is mostly the same, but only includes body transport for 75 miles from the home of the deceased, with extra charges for a longer trip. Perhaps you can get a hybrid hearse if you really want.

You Can Buy a Cremation Online, Urn Included
For the man or woman who has everything. You can now buy a cremation package online. That's a Black Friday.

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