Yoga for Unity: Can Sun Salutations Resolve Tensions in Post-Conflict Areas?


Image: Yoga For Unity

It's hard to picture some of the most impoverished, and at one point violence-prone, regions in Kenya being turned into yoga studios, but that's what Yoga For Unity aims to do—and is starting to make happen. On December 18th, yogis in LA, London and Kenya took up their mats in public places—Yoga Flash Mobs—in support of The Africa Yoga Project, which is trying to use yoga to heal tribal boundaries in Kenya. The Africa Yoga Project and Roundtable Films are making a documentary of the process, for which they have a trailer online; they also made a video of the December Flash Mob events.

The Africa Yoga Project uses Baptiste Yoga for what Roundtable Films describes as "its key principles of power and possibility to create lasting positive change for individuals and communities."

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