Yes, We Have No Bahamas Today

climate change song lyrics
The Krill is Gone. Readers of Canada's National Newspaper were challenged to change the title or lyrics of well-known songs so that they would refer to climate change. The winner was Wake up! Little Tsunami! Wake Up! June is a Bust All Over, Where Have all the Species Gone and the theme from Emission Impossible, were suggested. Lots of sun songs: Another Sun Bites the Dust, We'll Singe in the Sunshine and You are the Sunscreen of My Life. Then there was: Sweat, Georgia Brown, and O Solar Mio. Ouch! To make matters worse: Stand by Your Fan, and Come Fry With Me. Hum along to: Hot town, summer in the city/ Have to wear a space suit, isn't it a pity. Car themes: Hybrid Mustang Sally and She’ll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes the T-bird away for emissions testing. Another howler: Miami lies under the ocean, oh bring back Miami to me. And we end with: It’s De-frosting, it’s De-icing, it’s De-pressing. :: Globe and Mail

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