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The big difference between last year and this was a certain election in the USA; political stories don't age well when you know how it turned out. But other than that, the stories are almost timeless.

Po Chih Lai Stair Rover© Po Chih Lai

Innovative 8-Wheeled Skateboard Glides Over Stairs, No Problem (Video)

For instance, this skateboard that can descend staircases is making all the rounds now, as designer Po Chih Lai raises money on Kickstarter to put it into production. Kim wrote:
This a pretty neat invention that could help open more people up to the possibility of using the skateboard as an option for regular, car-free commuting around the city -- and not just for cool tricks!
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cfactcfact/Screen capture

Exposing the Influence Behind the Anti-Agenda 21 Anti-Sustainability Agenda

We don't do a lot of investigative reporting on TreeHugger, but the Agender movement is fascinating and scary. It is a sort of theory of everything that ties together hatred of smart growth, environmentalism, bike lanes and just about anything that has ever been on TreeHugger. It has been a bit quieter since the election, but is still percolating away. There are now Agender Senators, like Ted Cruz. In this very long post I try and find out who is behind the Agender movement. More in TreeHugger

How to Become a Vegetarian in One Easy Bite

Christine tells a bizarre tale about how getting bitten by a tick can give you an allergy to meat. More in TreeHugger

cake soap etsyEtsy/Promo image

8 DIY Soap Recipes, From the Easy to Advanced

Such prose!

Its perfection, so fleeting, its form ever diminishing. Until one day it slips out of your hand, a discouraging mushy remnant of its former beauty, and swims down through the watery abyss of your tub to get stuck in the drain.

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Del PopoloDel Popolo/Promo image

Mobile Pizzeria is Built Out Of A 20' Shipping Container

This shipping container conversion was the talk of the tubes last summer and showed up everywhere. I am still not convinced that it makes much sense, but it sure grabs your attention. Our post has lousy photos but DesignBoom covered it the following week with big and beautiful images. More in TreeHugger

sleeping in parkEphemeral New York/Public Domain

Air Conditioning Is Like Driving; It Is Convenient And Our Society Is Built Around It.

After Brian wrote Air Conditioning is a Symptom of Our Massive Entitlement Complex the crowd went wild, 90 comments calling him jerk and much worse. This post was an attempt to calm the waters a bit, and point out that we do understand that air conditioning is a necessity, given how we have designed our housing and our cities. I was trying to make the point:

In the end, it is all about moderation; about designing our homes better so they don't need as much air conditioning, if any. It's about reinforcing the cultural aspects of where we live instead of hiding inside. It's about having a discussion, not a culture war.

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Avocado© Courtesy of the Hass Avocado Board

10 Deliciously Radical Avocado Recipes, From Soup to Cheesecake

Melissa writes: "avocados are avid masters of disguise. The Peter Sellers of the produce aisle." Soup I get. Cheesecake, I'm not so sure. More in TreeHugger

Cargo E-Bikes Take Killer Trucks Off City Streets

April discusses the advantages and disadvantages of electric cargo bikes as an alternative delivery system.

As critics point out, a B-Line cargo bike's 600-pound capacity is dwarfed by the 'payload' capability of even an Econoline van, which can carry about 4,000 pounds. But for dense urban environments, a cargo bike has another advantage - it doesn't need the parking space or loading area freight vans and trucks do. Hewitt can roll the bike directly into the warehouse at many stops, something regular freight vans or trucks can't manage.

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Hot dogdinnercraft/CC BY 2.0

What’s Really Inside? Shocking Anatomy of a Hot Dog

One word: Yuck. More in TreeHugger

ibamboo© iBamboo

10 Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers

A nice slideshow of clever designs, that somehow got picked up by a bunch of Al Gore-hating Treehugger bashing crazies, don't read the comments! More in TreeHugger

A year ago in TreeHugger: The 10 most interesting stories of the week
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