Yann Arthus Bertrand's 'Home' Through Images and Facts (Slideshow)

Photo of the Great Prismatic Springs at Yellowstone from Home Documentary

Photos: ©Film "Home" - A coproduction Elzevir Films/Europacorp.

It's been little more than a month since its worldwide premiere, and Home continues to amaze people around the world. A collection of unique aerial footage from over 50 countries, the movie tells and shows the evolution of the Earth and analyses its current state, to make us understand the great challenges sustainability is facing.

In this slideshow we revisit some of the amazing images and impressive facts from the film. If you haven't seen it, this is a must before heading to the online-cinema (as Home is available for free online in several languages). But even if you have, going through this material to refresh your memory is well worth it (says the person who's watched it twice).

Go ahead now!

Revisiting Yann Arthus Bertrand Home through Photos and Facts

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