Yahoo! Big Shot in Cannes Green Ad Competition

Even Yahoo! these days is infected with econess. They just launched an online green ad competition called Big Shot In Cannes of which the winner gets to go to the Cannes Advertising Festival. Your online ad should ‘inspire people to get off their butts and improve the planet. Create an ad for the cause that's close to your heart. Maybe it's about hybrid cars, energy-efficient light bulbs, or recycling.’ That’s your brief (but don’t forget to check the rules and have a good look at the judges); you have until May 7th 2007 to submit your ad. Or up to ten if you get carried away advertising living the green life. The 3 winners will get a roundtrip airfare and 6 nights in a hotel during the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France in June. Good Luck! Oh, and don’t forget to vote for our own green video contest Convenient Truth. Via the o2 mailing list ::Yahoo! Big Shot in Cannes

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