Xylophone of the Forest, Stunning Ad for Docomo's Wooden Cellphone

This is probably one of the most beautiful and awesome ads I have ever come across, thanks to Frame and Form. Watch the Xylophone of the Forest, and before you shrug it off because trees might have been killed for the making of this clip, hear me out.So this piece of smart design is an ad for the Docomo TOUCHWOOD mobile phone, made of waste wood. Like Jaymi explained in her previous post about the Docomo wooden phone, the casing of these phones is "made of compressed cypress surplus wood from trees culled during thinning operations to maintain healthy forests." I understand that everything we make has some kind of environmental impact, even fully renewable and biodegradable stuff, or at least it will until we reach Cradle to Cradle perfection. So we have to decide whether certain things, like this ad (for as harmless as it might be, but it does have some nasty comments on YouTube), should exist or not, and I believe they should. Although I also agree that we should not use mobile phones as we currently do in such a throw-away manner, but make them last longer, both technically and emotionally. What I like about this ad is the way it shows nature and design, and how the two can be combined in a positive way.

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