Xeko - Save the World, If You Are Game


Biodivesity Hotspots are the 34 habitats on the planet that house 75% of our most threatened mammals, birds and amphibians. Plus an estimated 50% of all vascular plants and 42% of land vertebrates hang out here too. But for all this life the sites cover only 2.3% of the Earth's surface. Such is the scene set for players of new eco-game: Xeko. Instead of mowing down aliens, in this game players learn about the complex nature of ecosystems, as they try to save those endangered ecological communities. Animal species are said to be cast as the heroes. Based around the popularity of trading cards, Xeko is also walks its talk, with cards of recycled stock printed with soy based inks. Players that send their card wrappers in to the game's makers are awarded Green Stars to encourage recycling. (What happens to the returned wrappers is not explained.) Conservation International is provided with 4% of the net sales of the game, for their work in supporting the hotspots that inspired the game. The island of Madagascar is the first such hotspot to be included in what is expected to become a series of games. No doubt chosen to capitalise on the success amongst kids of the animated film of the same name. "Move it, movie it ..." About $20 USD for the game, and $4 per pack of cards. Xeko, via Gifts And Tableware.