Wyclef Jean Raises $2 million for Haiti, 24 Saves the Planet, and More

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Musician, rapper, and record producer Wyclef Jean founded the Yele Haiti organization in 2005 to raise funds and support projects in his home country, with a focus on education, health, community development, and environmental issues--especially reforestation. But this week's earthquake brought the organization into the spotlight as Jean and his team joined up with AmeriCares, Friends of the World Food Program, and other fundraising groups to form the Haiti Earthquake Alliance.Beginning saturday, the Alliance will send airlifts of medical equipment, food, and other supplies to the ravaged areas of Haiti. Meanwhile, Jean set up a simple text message donation program that has pulled in $2 million (just $5 at a time) as of this afternoon. If you haven't given yet, it's easy: text "Yele" to 501501 and the $5 charge will show up on your cell phone bill. Want to give more? Donate through Yele Haiti's website, see other green organizations that work in the country, or check out these other ways to give.

24 Sets Out to Save the World--Literally

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While Jack Bauer has been saving the country, the business side of 24 has been working on an even bigger project: protecting the environment. The show won the Environmental Media Association's first Green Seal Award in November for its carbon-cutting efforts and, as the clock starts ticking again this Sunday, star Kiefer Sutherland told Mother Nature Network, "When we started around season 4, the goal was to make 24 and not leave a carbon footprint. I don't know if that's possible, because we have to drive to work, but all of the trucks we're using are hybrids.We're not using gas fuels and there are a lot of things being done within the office and the production building as well."

Vera Farmiga's Farming Ambitions

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While you might recognize Vera Farmiga from The Departed or her more recent role in Up in the Air, you might be surprised to find her in a completely non-Hollywood setting, too: on her goat farm in the Catskills. The actress raises female Angoras and Nubians with her husband, Renn Hawkey, and tells the UK Times about the ups and downs of breeding: "My mission was to find the best goat semen in the States," she says. (Though she did manage to score a canister, it went bad after too much time at room temperature.) And in addition to her upcoming screentime with Keanu Reeves in Henry's Plan, Farmiga plans to one day sell organic cheese and milk soap directly from her farm. (Via Ecorazzi)

Jason Mraz Goes Sustainable for 2010

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Singer Jason Mraz took to his MySpace blog to list his eco-minded resolutions for 2010, which include supporting local, natural, and organic food sources, improving his recycling and reuse efforts, and increasing his conservation of water. He's especially vocal when it comes to the issues of factory farming and corn-fed beef--and the health benefits of refusing food from these sources: "If we all shifted our attention back to grass-fed meat, we would be supporting farms that participate in a natural turning of land, from sunlight to grass, grass to proteins, protein to fertilizer, rinse and repeat. Not to mention, we would be treating our divine bodies better." (Via Vegetarian Star)

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