WWF's 'Horrifying' and 'Frightening' Ads


Left: "Horrifying". Right: "More horrifying". Image: WWF
While Sharks Aren't Really 'Horrifying', a World Without Them Sure Is
The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is known for its ads (which are sometimes pretty surreal and strange, like the Fish Head ad reproduced below for your viewing pleasure). I don't really find sharks anything close to 'horrifying', in fact, I'd say that I find them really fascinating. But I understand what they were going for with the ad, and why they needed to write that to make the concept work. Same thing with the bird of prey ad below.

Left: "Frightening". Right: "More frightening". Image: WWF

Top predators have important roles to play in ecosystems, and while they might not seem as cuddly as other endangered animals, that shouldn't stop us from protecting them just as vehemently as we would protect other creatures!

Here's the strange Fish Head ad:

WWF Fish Head Climate Change ad photo

Image: WWF
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