Wretched Excess: Marble Garages, Wired Bathrooms and $11,000 Car Stereos

audisound.jpgAfter a commenter opined that Mobile Treehugger was unnecessary and excessive, we thought that gave us an opening to point out some really remarkable exercises in excess- Bathrooms with "toilet-side technology" with email and internet access. "When [one owner] answers the speaker-phone in his shower, the water automatically shuts off. He can open the front door for deliveries while shaving. He's also put the finishing touches on a waterproof computer that will let him answer emails from his sauna. ...People feel the need to be able to put out a fire from anywhere" says one designer. :: Wall Street Journal Almost as appalling is the $ 20,000 garage renovation ::also Wall Street Journal and then there is the B&O;/Audi $11,500 car stereo via ::Gizmodo.


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