Wretched Excess Department: SoleiraSun

untreehugger wretched excess soleira sun booth photo

So you go on vacation and there is no sun; no problem if the resort has SoleiraSun. Each of these little light fixtures pumps out 12,000 watts, the equivalent of 800 Compact Fluorescent bulbs, perhaps the electrical consumption of a dozen houses, so that you feel like you are on the beach.

untreehugger wretched excess soleira sun photo

It really works, too; I must admit that it had the colour right, the brightness, and the warmth of being outside in the Florida sun.

untreehugger wretched excess soleira sun ship photo

The fact that each one of these babies is burning up 9.7 pounds of coal, produces 25 pounds of carbon dioxide every hour, as well as mercury and sulfur dioxide (based on calculations at howstuffworks) does not appear to have a place in their product literature.

Maybe somewhere these might be useful for people with a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Perhaps a few hours in a room with one of these can save the airfare and greenhouse gas output of a trip south. Most of the existing installations are in Scandinavia, so perhaps a case can be made for it. But it is a real stretch.

Definite award winner for being the silliest thing at IIDEX. More at Soleirasun

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