Wrecked Exotic Gas-Guzzlers

The other side of the coin: Un-treehugger people driving un-treehugger cars at un-treehugger speeds. Okay, it's a bit perverse and I don't want to talk lightly of any lives that were loss in these accidents, but regarding the cars themselves (and only the cars), it's interesting to see what our society's obsession with so-called performance leads to. This website is full of photos of wrecked cars, and there's a whole section dedicated to exotic cars; you can see Dodge Vipers, Ferraris and BMW M5s that crashed while going 120mph+ (at something like 10 mpg or less, probably), sometimes on wet roads and other dangerous conditions.

I'll admit that I feel a bit bad posting about it because I find the website to be in bad taste, but then, I find it even more obscene to drive these pointless-off-the-racetrack cars so fast, risking the lives of other people who are driving decent cars at decent speeds on public roads, and wasting oil that could be better used elsewhere. Many of these drivers could probably win Darwin Awards (I mean, who drives at 120mph+ on a wet road, especially if it's not a closed racetrack? That's suicidal, and homicidal).

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