Would You Vaccinate Your Kids?


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I was surprised by the flurry of cancellations of the daily TreeHugger newsletter that I edit. (Don't get the newsletter? Sign up here and keep my numbers up) They were complaining about Christine's Parentables post How to Stop Worrying About Autism and Vaccinate Your Kids, where she advises that vaccination is " the right choice to protect your child from diseases, and that the risks are lower than the risks of not vaccinating."

After all, I thought the autism-vaccination link was thoroughly debunked, the studies proven to be faked and the author, Andrew Wakefield, thrown out of the profession.

Being old enough to know a number of contemporaries who were crippled by polio, and remembering how classmates in public school were often away for months with whooping cough, I didn't think twice about vaccinating my kids, believing that vaccines are one of the great miracles of modern medicine.

Commenters disagreed, claiming that Andrew Wakefield was thrown under a bus, that we should be ashamed of ourselves for being flacks for big pharma, writing:

The FDA only releases 1% of the adverse effects of vaccines. Vaccines are loaded with toxins such as mercury, arsenic, aluminum, tissue from aborted babies.

All of these are poison and do give Autism, aspergers syndrome and a host of other diseases. They try to deny the fact but they are bold faced liars. Think of all the money they'd lose if no one got the dreaded vaccinations. It's all about the money. They don't care if your child lives or dies from the shots. But you do.

Just turn off your brain & say yes & follow the rest of the lemurs off the cliff! RISK your child by injecting them with Formaldehyde, Mercury & Aluminum. LOOK at the ingredients! TREEHUGGER, WHY are you writing about vaccines? that has nothing to do with the environment and you don't even give different sides of the story! THAT is wrong! I am VERY disappointed in you and ready to unsubscribe! :( Very very sad because I love Treehugger & disappointed!

You Sir, are a bold faced liar. There was no autism until 1930 when they started the vaccines.

What do you think?