Would You Use Less Toilet Paper If the Sheets Were Smaller? (Survey)

howgee toilet paper image

Designers Kim Jungwoo, Ahn JoongGeun & Moon Hyunsuk suggest that if toilet paper sheets were half as big, then people would use less of the stuff.

hooogee toilet paper drawing

Yanko writes:
HowGee looks like every other roll of toilet paper but the sheets are perforated at half-sizes. Ultimately the designers hope by letting you choose how much to use, you'll save paper. So let's think about what we use toilet paper for because lets be frank, not every "mess" in the bathroom demands a full-size sheet right? RIGHT?

Well, maybe not. I have spent a lot of time cleaning out composting toilets used by family members who measure the stuff by the yard, not the tissue. I suspect that for most people, the size of the tissue is irrelevant. What do you think?

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