Worthless Is a Shop and a Concept

shop called worthless photo

Worthless was a pop-up shop that examined consumerism and art and the value of material objects. It's a take-off on the much-missed Woolworth's stores except everything is free. "Customers" are invited to bring something to the store and it will be transformed into a work of art.

People have brought in everything from an EasyJet plane ticket to a broken clock to an odd shoe. The not-so-precious objects have been carefully worked over by the shop's resident gnomes and returned to their owners as something priceless. The customer will be asked to pay however much they feel the new item is worth.


A display of some of the items was kept on the shelves all week. They ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, including a couch, records and a cigarette box. This was covered with jewels and transformed into an encrusted treasure box. A picture of a bird was decorated and embellished.


Image from Pollocks

There was an auction of some donated items on the last day, with all funds going to an MS charity. Nike contributed a beautiful blue and white painted running shoe

shop wall photo

It was all dreamed up by Pollocks, a group of young artists whose "objective is to empower, inspire, and promote the creativity of the freethinking individual. The evolution of youth has resulted in a coup d’etat on stereotypical revolts against the establishment, breeding a brand of youth that are ready to take over the reins of the creative, social and political."

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