World's Most Obnoxious Bird Faces Extinction (Video)


Screenshot via ONN

Could a species be hunted to the brink of extinction simply because it's so obnoxious? What if it was, say, a bird whose call sounded like a vulgar taunt, had an extremely offensive odor, and boasted plumage that reminded everyone of a certain fascist emblem? The Onion News Network reports that this is precisely the fate that's befallen the Montana Merkle -- see one of these despicable endangered birds for yourself on this clip from Today Now: Just a heads up, some of this is a bit off-color, so this may not be for the squeamish or the easily offended.

Bird Hunted To Near Extinction Due To Infuriating 'F@ck You' Call

Not that species extinction is a laughing matter--but this is hilarious.

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