Worldchanging Looks Back at 2008, Tao of Change Hosts first Carnival of 2009, OzoLife Gets Cosy with Organic Leggings, and More

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Good Clean Tech: Britain Phases Out 100W Incandescent Bulbs by Mariella Moon
"In just a few weeks' time, the British would see the next step of a voluntary withdrawal of incandescent lights by companies in the country... The switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs was initiated in the country last 2007. This past 2008, 150 watt bulbs were also phased out."Green Girls Global: Green Girls To Host The Eco Chic Wedding and Home Show by Kate
"I’m really pleased to announce that the UK’s very first Eco Chic Wedding & Home Show will take place on Sunday 8th March 2009 from 11-4 in Birmingham (UK). I have joined forces with fellow green girl Katie from Ethical Weddings and Michelle from Just The Thing to organise this event and we are really excited about the prospect."

OzoLife: Eairth to America
"Nothing keeps the gams warm during winter months like a good pair of leggings. While stocking up this season, we discovered this statement pair by New York-based Eairth. Made of organic cotton and dyed using the natural pigments in barks, seeds, and leaves, Melissa Dizon’s Manobo Jungle Vine leggings are just as ea[i]rthy as they look."

Tao of Change: Carnival of the Green # 161
by Tao Oliveto
"Some of us start the new year taking a fresh look at just how we piece together our livelihoods. The bigger picture of investment and personal finance can be an intimidating one since capitalism on the green front requires some bigger views of the future. Fortunately, there’s help out there for those of us wondering what is the what when it comes to sustainable investing."

Worldchanging: Year in Review 2008: Best in Essays
by Worldchanging Team
"As we look forward to the new year, we've also reflected on the old, and rediscovered some of the great events, innovations, interviews and debates that 2008 had to offer. For the next week, we will be sharing our picks from the Worldchanging team's best work from the last 12 months."

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