World's Biggest Green Drinks - Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne is arguable the sporting capital of Australia. Plant competitive species of grass in two halves of a stadium, and in a day the the city would’ve sold out of tickets to watch which would grow the fastest. So it should come as no surprise that the Victorian branch of the 02 Global Network wasn’t going to let New York retain the record for the most attendees to a Green Drinks event: 900 people! A mere trifling.

So at last months Sustainable Living Festival (we’ve previously mentioned these here), they rallied together a venue by BMW Edge Theatre, music by Dr Detroit and libacious liquids and eco eatstuffs from a host of supporters, including two old faves; Mountain Goatorganic beer and the 100 Mile Cafe. Such enticements brought a whopping 1,700 people out of the woodwork. Three Cheers! Have one on us. That's one big green party.In related news, O2 Australia and the upcoming 2008 ChangeX sustainable design student exhibition from the Society for Responsible Design (SRD) is hoping to put in an appearance at the 20th anniversary party of 02 Global Network at the System Reload event in Milan later this year. Via ::SRD eNews.

Disclosure: This writer is a committee member of the SRD.

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