World on Fire video by Sarah McLachlan

Been a lot of hype recently about the U2 iPod. And there is no denying that the group have been up-front in pushing for social and environmental justice. But as always there is are related stories that get less coverage. In this vein is the Sarah McLachlan video clip for her tune "World on Fire." The vid calculates what it really costs to make a single music clip. And compares what this obscene amount of dough ($150,000) could do, if used to......improve the living standards of people who dream about having running water, not how big their next plasma TV is going to be. Its been out for a while now and maybe you've already seen it. But maybe you haven't. Go check it out. No matter what you think of her music, the message is still very sobering stuff. "The more we take, the less we become."::World on Fire [by WM]

Postscript: After I wrote this post I learnt of another example. Creative's Chief Executive, Sim Wong Hoo held a press conference detailing his plan to wrest the MP3 market from Apple and their iPod. Reuters quote him as saying, "I'm planning to spend some serious money – I intend to out-market everyone." What does he mean by serious money? US$100 million. Just to sell us something we don't really need. And Sim is not out there alone. Walt Kelly never said a truer word when he penned the immortal phrase, "We have seen the enemy and they are us".