Portraits of Londoners From Every Olympic Country Highlight City's Diversity

the world in londonBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

These 200 photos, each of a person living in London but from one of the Olympic countries, are moving in their simplicity. London boasts one of the most diverse populations in the world; a city made up of immigrants who have come and settled. This show reflects the diversity of the Olympic participants as well.

If you are in central London you can see them along the length of a new building on busy Oxford Street. It's a great location because thousands of people pass by every day. Or take a look at them on line.

Nelly Hovsepyan, Armenia

The show has been put together by the Photographers' Gallery in London, and the photos are almost all of ordinary members of the public, except for one celebrity: the late Alexander McQueen. Each photo is accompanied by a brief and moving story of a personal journey.

Souleymane Koanda, Burkina Faso

For example, this man "left Africa as a young man to explore the opportunities of Europe. Soon after arriving in Italy in 1972, friends found him work as a cook in a wealthy home. He met his wife, who was originally from Colombia, when she began working as the nanny for the same family. After 15 years in Rome they moved to London with their little daughter".

Stephen Lui Nam NG MBE, Hong Kong

The photos are being shot on a wall in two locations: one on busy downtown Oxford Street, and the other along a long wall in Victoria Park which is near the Olympic site.

Terry Norris, Malta

This is a hand embroidered family photograph.

Elaine Murzi, Venezuela

Apparently Londoners from American Samoa, FS Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Palau are missing, if you know someone from there...

Portraits of Londoners From Every Olympic Country Highlight City's Diversity
You can see these magnificent photo portraits of Londoners on a wall or on the web.

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