World House Interdesign 2007

The World House Interdesign 2007 is an international conference being hosted by the Institute without Boundaries in partnership with the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), the Harbinger Foundation and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Running from June 24 to 30, it is a week of lectures from the likes of Thomas Homer-Dixon, design charrettes and presentations focusing this year on Sustainable Housing and Water: Local and Global Challenges. There is a choice from four charrettes to work in, covering conservation, revitalization, sustainability and capacity.

The World House Project was started with Bruce Mau to "to design a sustaining, universal and healthy human dwelling"; Interdesign's goal is "To bring together designers, educators and students from around the world to share ideas and develop concepts for a sustainable future, using the World House Project research and principles." Unlike a lot of programs, this is surprisingly affordable; a whole week for C$ 200, $C 75 for students. Sign up at ::World House Interdesign

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