World Expo 2005 in Japan: "Nature's Wisdom"

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During the 20th century, remarkable progress was obviously made in science and technology, high-speed transportation, and information and communications technologies. All of these things greatly accelerated global exchange among people, goods, and information, transforming the world in a way we could not have predicted. But as the global desire for expansion continues, we're placing a tremendous burden on the natural environment, exceeding its capacity for self-recovery and creating a drastic number of potential world crises. Thus the theme of the 2005 World Exposition, subtitled "Nature's Wisdom," which aims to bring together the global society of the 21st century to work toward the pursuit of a sustainable and harmonious coexistence for all life on Earth...
Expo 2005, which will be held in Aichi, Japan, will focus on "the marvelous mechanism of nature and the power of life," bringing together the nations, regions, private enterprises, independent citizens, NPOs and NGOs, and volunteers that form the backbone of global society. The site for the Expo is being constructed with minimal impact on the environment, including site planning, operation, and transportation.

The Expo will also focus on technologies necessary for building an eco-community, such as recycling technologies, new energy sources, and natural energy development. For example, exhibition pavilions are modular and easy to assemble, dismantle and reuse. Reduction, reuse, and recycling will be considered throughout all activities and events. The use the Tobu Kyuryo public railway, which has little environmental impact, is being strongly promoted, and improvements are being made to the local loop line. Additionally, low-pollution transportation will be used on the site grounds.

And of course, participatory and experimental environmental education programs, events, and consortiums are planned. The expo will be held MArch 25-September 25, 2005. Learn more @ ::World Expo 2005 [by MO]