World Carfree Day — 22 September

The TV news here the other night, reckoned that consumer spending is likely to dip, due to the high cost of oil and thus fuel for cars. Folk will be buying less, such as clothes and cosmetics, the pundits proffered. No mention was made of people driving less though. So it would seem more than timely that 22 September should be World Carfree Day. For a myriad of reasons this is great promotional event, but what caught our eye was a stat on World Carfree Network's site. They suggest that "A car causes more pollution [in its production] before it's ever driven, than in its entire lifetime of driving." This Saturday, in disgust at such nonsense, an estimated 10,000 cyclists are expected to hit the streets of Berlin. And over in Minsk, Belarus, there's a race to see which is fastest: car, public transport, or bicycle. (And we know who always wins these comps, don't we?). So, don't just sit there, pedal, walk, skate, run, blade, train, tram, paddle over to the international events site and see what's going down in your neighbourhood. 1,544 cities in 40 countries, so we're told. ::World Carfree Day