Workshopped: Exhibiting Emerging Australian Designers

Workshopped is an Australian company whose goal is to identify great local design and bring it to local and national attention. Each year, they hold a design exhibition to showcase their findings. Workshopped 05, happening now through August 21 in Sydney, is this year's best of up & coming Australian design. The Milk Crate Club Lounge, pictured here, is designed by the Stefan Lie Design Studio, one of thirty designers picked for the exhibit. The intent of this chair was to use only discarded and recycled materials, and to this end, the skeleton of the chair is made from used milk crates made of recycled plastic, and the cover from recycled billboard vinyl. The exhibition's main purpose is to foster promising talent and turn their rough ideas into commercial reality. It is free to the public and is expected to draw over 200,000 visitors. ::Workshopped