Working with the Environment book

A word of warning. You probably won’t get rich working for the planet. Not in a monetary sense, anyhow. But you’ll rewarded with other riches, that are beyond any price. Caveats aside, this book can put you in touch with the nearly 300 organisations, that it details. Them and the umpteen others, for which they offer contact details, are offering satisfying employment - both paid and unpaid in the environment field. It looks at a pretty wide spread of industries from renewable energy to national parks, organic agriculture to scientific research and much more inbetween. It was updated earlier this year but I did note it had quite out-of-date information, for an organisation that I freelance for, so maybe use it as a guide not a gospel. If not for you, it might be an encouraging gift for someone in the throes of deciding on a career path. 288 pages for $20. ::Amazon [by WM]