Working Assets Goes Carbon Neutral


The good folks at Working Assets have decided to go carbon-neutral. The organization sells cellphone and long distance service plans (you can get free Ben & Jerry ice cream by using their long distance plan) and credit cards, which seems kinda bad, but the good part is that they do it to harness actions that most people would do anyway to donate money to nonprofits (including Greenpeace, Oxfam America, Rainforest Action Network and tons more) that are selected in a yearly vote by their customers. To date, over $47,000,000 has been raised.Now, they have decided to partner with to tackle their carbon emissions: "We've always planted trees to offset the effects of our business's paper use. And now our San Francisco operations are Carbon Neutral," says Working Assets President Michael Kieschnick. With Working Assets assistance, Carbonfund is supporting the Rosebud Sioux wind farm on Native American lands in South Dakota. "Wind energy investment on Native American land creates jobs and opportunities while supporting climate-friendly technology and is a perfect example of the additional benefits America receives when we invest in ourselves, instead of exporting our money and jobs for oil," says Carbonfund President Lesley Marcus Carlson. If you have a cellphone, credit card or sweet tooth, we recommend that you check out what they have to offer. ::Working Assets, via ::EWire,