Woolworth's Heir Opens Eco General Store

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Priscilla Woolworth, fourth generation heir of famed Woolworth's stores, has opened her own eco-store, now available on the web. While the items aren't anything extraordinary (in fact, you can even buy Bon Ami on the site), she does promise to try everything out before putting it up for sale and some of the categories are pretty convenient.The sections are not really any different than what you might find at any other eco-store, though there are a few helpful things. Her Office and School section offers items for both students and adults, most of which are made from recycled materials and several even support environmental causes with their purchase. The gifts section offers many fair-trade items from Africa, including the very cute Rwandan Baskets filled with Himalayan bath salts.

Not all of the items are really eco-friendly, such as the weird head scratcher for sale that you typically see in independent stands in the middle of urban malls. Also, other items you can purchase at a store just down the street from you, such as Bon Ami, and may not be worth the postage. But on the whole, the items do have a earthy, country feel and many are eco-friendly.

Priscilla Woolworth is a fourth generation relative to the founders of Woolworths and spent most of her childhood between France and Maine, spending a lot of time outdoors. This has influenced her interest in a personal green, healthy lifestyle as well as the creation of an online store selling recycled, organic, biodegradable, and healthy products.

You can find Priscilla Woolworth.com online. :Priscilla Woolworth
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