Wool, Organic Cotton Coffins Encase You in Downy Softness For All Eternity

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In today's Department of We Can't Make This Stuff Up (by way of the Beeb): A U.K. textile firm better known for making military uniforms has launched a range of woolen and organic cotton caskets made locally in West Yorkshire.

Woolen coffin photo

Photo credit: Hainsworth

Inspired by a 17th century decree that the dead, save plague victims, should be buried in English woolen shrouds, Hainsworth has designed two styles of biodegradable coffin, both of which have been independently tested and accredited for strength and weight bearing.

The Swaledale is made from sheep's wool anchored around a strong recycled cardboard frame, while the Wharfedale takes its cue from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton. Both interiors are "generously lined with cotton and attractively edged in jute," the company's Web site notes. On the outside? Personalized embroidered woolen nameplates of the dearly departed.

The coffins will be distributed by Tyne & Wear company JC Atkinson.

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