Silver Dollars and Glasses Made of Teeth at the Royal College of Art Graduate Show

The annual Royal College of Art Summer Graduate Show is the place to see what the best design students are thinking about. The guys in Engineering are doing socially worthwhile projects. The women are also into sustainability, but with a different focus.

For example, Laurie Schram is thinking about money: as a political statement, that is. She is concerned with "the fictional nature of economy and the economy worship that we practice as a society".

The dollar is electroformed in fine silver, reconnecting it with the metal it once represented. Like a scratch card, one is now never sure what a dollar is really worth. It's striking a note: this piece was purchased by the British Museum.

royal college of artBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

One student from Ceramics and Glass has created beautifully coloured ceramic modules that can be put together in different combinations. The ceramic bricks can be used as shelving, the gorgeous ceramic vessels as stackable plant holders and objects.

women at royal college© Bonnie Alter

Led by sustainable and ethical concerns, this student creates these fabrics using local fibres such as European linen, hemp, British wool and alpaca. She weaves the textiles, then dyes and hand prints them to give the unique colours and textures.

royal college of artBonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

Not for everyone, these glasses are made of black horn and jaw bones with gold capped teeth. They are a disturbing comment on our choices of personal adornment.

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