Wolfgang Puck Disposable Instant-hot Latte

So California company OnTech spent 7 years and 24 million bucks to develop a coffee can filled with quicklime so that you can have a hot latte in seven minutes. Its market: "the people who want to have hot coffee in their car without going anywhere or cooking anything at home" says OnTech Prez Jonathan Weisz.

"I'm not trying to replace your dinner, but when you're on your way to work and you need some oatmeal and you can't get to the microwave, we will be there for you," "This is going to be a huge, huge part of society in the United States. In two years everyone will be drinking from self-heating containers."

and throwing them out their windows. How do you recyle this? How do you justify this? How do we tell everyone to boycott Wolfgang Puck until he pulls his name off this? Will all the eco-celebs boycott Spago? ::New York Times by [LA]