Kid Builds Working Farm Equipment Made from LEGOs

Wow! Warren Seely is a mechanical genius. Not only does he build fully-functional replicas of actual farm equipment made out of LEGOs, by the age of 6 he had already rebuilt his first tractor engine.

I can barely program my VCR!

Even more amazing, some of Seely's creations have been built strictly from photographs. His work includes a motorized mint root digger and planter, potato harvester and potato trailer which are all on display at the Washington State Potato Conference in Kennewick. Keep in mind, some of these machines were constructed in less than just 24 hours!

"If you go out and look at a real one running, there's gears you can get caught in, chains, PTO drives that people can get wrapped around." says Seely in a YouTube video produced by Washington State University. "This, being pretty accurate to the real one, you can actually look at it and say 'well, here's where danger points are,' and it's a good way to explain how you get those potatoes out of the ground or how you get that mint from the field into an oil."

Warren is homeschooled, enrolled in community college courses and helps out on his parents’ mint farm about 40 miles from Portland. He plans to attend Washington State University to become an electrical engineer.

Keep in mind he is only fifteen years old.

Great job, Warren. I have high hopes that you might actually revolutionize the farming industry. We sure can use it.

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