Winterize Your Home with Energy Star @ Home


Earlier this year, when air conditioners dominated interior climate control, we introduced the Energy Star @ home interactive tool to help increase the energy efficiency and reduce the energy costs in your home. Now that radiators, heaters and fireplaces have replaced air conditioners as the devices that keep our homes comfortable, the site has been updated to include tips to keep the temperature up and the heating bills down. Among the tips are four steps to keep the H.E.A.T. inside this winter: home sealing, by sealing air leaks and adding insulation, paying special attention to your attic and basement, where the biggest gaps and cracks are often found; equipment maintenance, by cleaning or replacing your system's air filter and getting a checkup to insure maximum efficiency; asking for Energy Star (hey, it's their site) when replacing light fixtures, heating equipment, windows and more; and, thermostat use. By installing & using a programmable thermostat, you'll save energy all day, whether you're there or not.The interactive tool also has some handy tips for energy efficiency this winter, with a room-by-room guide to using energy efficiently all winter long. Among the winterizing tips: replace screens with storm windows, and weather-strip and caulk around leaky windows to keep the heat in; if you have radiators, place heat-resistant reflectors between the heating element and wall to heat the room (instead of the wall); and seal duct connections and seams with duct sealant (also known as mastic) or foil-backed tape to cut back on leaks. All the tips are worthwhile, fairly easy and designed to cut back on energy use and your energy bills while keeping warm this winter. ::Energy Star @ home via ::Sustainablog

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