Winner of Red Carpet Green Dress Award Revealed at Global Green Oscar Party

suzy amis camerons red carpet green dress image

Samata Angel's pink chiffon dress, center, is winner of the 2011 Red Carpet Green Gown competition. Photos by R.Cruger

A pink silk and chiffon gown is the winner of this year's Red Carpet/Green Dress competition, organized by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of Avatar's director James Cameron.

The Camerons unveiled the dress at the 8th Global Green Pre-Oscar Party. Designed by Samata Angel from London, the dress is fabricated from sustainable textiles, organic hemp silk and chiffon, recycled beads, and a re-used buckle from Angel's mother.

sebastian copeland global green party

Filmmaker Sebastian Copeland at Global Green's Pre-Oscar Bash

Held February 23 with the theme "Greener Cities for a Cooler Planet," the party was hosted by celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Jim Carrey, Rosario Dawson and others, in addition to the Camerons.

During the party, environmental documentary filmmaker Sebastian Copeland took the stage.

Along with global water advocate Alexandra Cousteau, Copeland is part of the team of ambassadors for Revo eyewear, which co-sponsored the Global Green fundraiser, Hollywood's only environmental Oscar party.

revo sunglasses display image

Revo polarized performance eyewear display at Global Green event.

Appropriately, Revo's collection of performance sunglasses are made from seeds of the caster bean plant instead of petroleum-based nylon. The frames also re-use materials that are 100 percent pre-consumer polymer resins. Think plastic scraps from the company's sister, Oakley eyewear.

Revo's eco-friendly frames, were originally designed by a NASA engineer back in 1985, who was inspired by his favorite band Devo and the word revolution, naturally, to give the name a mash-up.

"2010 has been the warmest year on instrumental record," Copeland said, and asked the crowd to not just support Global Green, but to think about how each individual can make a difference.

His words didn't dampen the spirits of the gathering of 1,200 in Hollywood, however. When asked to Tweet ways to reduce LA's CO2 levels, the suggestions started rolling in.

Speaking of social media, Copeland said Global Green's online efforts are key to growing an activism base and "gives unprecedented access to a community that would be hard to reach otherwise without a very large marketing budget."

Copeland, who co-chairs the event with President Matt Petersen, added, "Events like the pre-Oscar provide a platform to broadcast Hollywood's concern about the gravest issue facing humanity."

play outdoors display image

Think global, act local.

At the event, Global Green USA debuted its model Carbon City Index, a simple tool to track the carbon footprint of a city or region in cleaning up its CO2 emissions and what it's doing to address the problem.

"The index provides an easy-to-understand, accessible scoreboard that helps stimulate a desire for improvement," explained Copeland. The index shows a city's current status on greenhouse gas emissions and policies.

Los Angeles is the pilot city, and gets a C- grade for its current emissions -- 50 million metric tons each year, showing lots of room for progress, such as Clean LA Solar Program.

global green oscars party image

Oscar event for Hollywood's eco-advocates hosted by Global Green.

Other sponsors at the event included Planters's goofy-looking bio-diesel Nutmobile decked out in solar panels and recycled window frames as well as a wind turbine.

Mattress manufacturer Essentia offered a natural memory foam sofa to lounge on, and Kiehl's products, 360 Vodka, Pureology, Play Outdoors, and Chevy's plug-in electric Volt were also on display.

Kiehls display impage

Kiehl's products on display at pre-Oscar party.

To get guests in the mood, the indie band Portugal. The Man took the stage, hailing from none other than Wasilla, Alaska. While playing, the band displayed messages asking guests to text 85944 to donate $10 to support Global Green's efforts with green schools alongside images of the organization's programs, including a school in Haiti with a solar tent and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, neither of the eco documentaries -- Waste Land and Gasland -- won an Oscar.

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Winner of Red Carpet Green Dress Award Revealed at Global Green Oscar Party
A pink silk and chiffon gown is the winner of this year's Red Carpet/Green Dress competition, organized by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of

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