Windfarms- Beauty or Blight? CONTEST CLOSED

Thanks to all who entered the beauty or blight competition. Our judges found most of the pictures beautiful, some questionable depending on your biases, and only this one really a blight and that is more because of all of the electrical infrastructure about it. Submitted by a certain G. Hill, our investigators have disqualified it because it comes from Spain, and our secretive founder is both in Spain and shares the name G. Hill. We suspect more than a coincidence.

With respect to the beauty side, we simply could not decide, so we have picked five and will let you decide through our new state of the art polling technology. There were others that we could not decide if they were beauties or blights so we will have a separate vote on that in a day or two. you can click on any picture to see at original size.


Entry 1
Really, how could anyone complain about this evening shot by Soyahz of turbines at Pubnico Nova Scotia, Canada.


Entry 2
We liked Scruss's shot of the Toronto waterfront turbine because it is so rare to see one in an urban milieu, and it looks like it just fits right in. Toronto's waterfront actually looks good in this shot, which requires great skill from a photographer.


Entry 3
Soyahz again. These shots just want to make us run and change the name of this site to windmillhugger.


Entry 4
So fine, so delicate- softening the edge between ground and sky. Large windfarms are less seductive than the few standing proud, but Anjiro makes them sing.


Entry 5
Sparktography. Words fail us.