Wind Blows: $10,000 Video Contest to Promote Renewable Power


Spread the wind virus for a good cause and you could win ten grand. Western Wind Energy and their marketing partner, Invoke, have presented a challenge: create a one-minute video that promotes the idea of wind power in the style of your choosing. Visitors to the site will vote on the $10,000 prize-winning video. As an example to get you warmed up they've offered their own piece of viral creativity: a short sequence that includes bikini babe A smearing crude oil (probably chocolate sauce) on her body, while babe B insinuates the clean and smear-free power of the wind as it blows through her hair. "Wink!" The viral component is that Western Wind hopes this will become one of those oft-passed around pieces of internet novelty. Who knows, it might even end up on TreeHugger TV. The deadline is Sept. 28th and you can submit as many videos as you want. :: Wind Blows Viral Video Contest via Hugg