Win Some Sheks in Israel's Green Building Design


The new Green Building Design Contest, a first in Israel, has been launched by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. According to Mr. Nir Kedmi, a head in the Ministry, the purpose of the competition is to raise the awareness of architects, developers and consumers in Israel to the advantages of Israel’s new green building standards developed in 2005. Perhaps to slow the disappearing coastline, participants will be required to plan a residential building in the Tel Aviv area, adjacent to the seashore. The catch is that you have to be a registered architect or student in Israel.

More about the Green Building Standard from the Ministry's site:

The green building standard is a voluntary standard which is awarded to new or renovated residential and office buildings that comply with certain requirements and criteria in the fields of energy, water, land and other environmental subjects. More specifically, the standard deals with the energy efficiency of a structure and the thermal comfort it provides, with the consumption of water and land, and with additional environmental issues including radiation, noise, waste, etc. A building which complies with the standard is eligible for a "green building" label by the Standards Institution, which certifies that that the building was built in a manner which is friendly both to the user and to the environment.

More about the Green Building Competition 
The competition will be administered by the Competition Committee of the Israel Association of United Architects, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Following is the breakdown of the prizes in the two competition tracks:

Architect Track
First Prize - 40,000 shekels
Second Prize - 23,000 shekels
Third Prize -10,000 shekels

Student Track
First Prize - 13,000 shekels
Second Prize - 9,000 shekels
Third Prize - 5,000 shekels

The deadline for submission of the projects is June 19, 2007. 

Registration for the competition is in the offices of the Israel Association of United Architects, 13 Hamigdalor Street, Tel Aviv. For further details please call: 03 - 5188234. Or click ::Here