Willie's Willys: Biodiesel Collectors' Pickup


I say "biodiesel" you say "Volkswagen Bus" right? Not if you're Daryl Hannah - she's cruisin' in a veggie-fueled 1983 El Camino - and not if you are one of the future owners of the recently released "Willie's Willys," a biodiesel fueled collectors' car modeled after the 1941 Willys pickup truck. The pickup was unveiled in a surprise honor to Willie Nelson at the 2006 National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego. Running a 700-horsepower engine, the truck also boasts a body made of a soy-based resin. Makers will break the mold after the last of the 500 limited edition trucks is produced; which may be awhile given the $97,000.00 price tag. But let me tell you, I'd be one of the first in line if I had the cash - these old trucks have always had a special place in my heart…
Via Autoblog and San Diego Union Tribune (lead photo credit - Sandy Huffaker).