Willie Nelson Chooses Biodiesel and Hard Rock

photo hard rock cafe guitar sign willie
Credit: Flickr via anne.

What? Willie Nelson is going hard rock? Well, he sure as heck isn't going soft, still on tour at age 77. He is sticking to country, despite that one reggae album, and is giving away $500 to someone with a good eye and a great way to travel. That's great as in low-impact, and easy on the dinosaur juice. Willie, part of the Green Music Group, has teamed up with our sister site, Planet Green, to challenge folks to take steps toward a cleaner planet. The GMG is on Challenge No. 4 now, which has a prize of $500 in Hard Rock cash.

That's where the Hard Rock comes in. Didn't mean to fool you there. I also didn't mean to refer to anything but up and coming when I referred to budding fans in a Willie Nelson post on Planet Green Instrumental. Really.

The challenge, until noon June 4, is to find an alternative way of travel, like biodiesel, or walking, riding a bike, or taking the train or the reins.

Take a picture of you and/or your friends taking the initiative, upload it to the GMG site and you could win $500 in bucks redeemable through Hard Rock, for concerts, hotels meals and merchandise. Everyone needs a Hard Rock T-shirt, for starters.

Every person who enters a challenge will have their name put into a really big jar, out of which a grand prize winner will be chosen later this year. That lucky person will drive off in a Honda Insight Hybrid (which would actually come in handy for this challenge, come to think of it).

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